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Getting To Know Jonna:

Simply MyLovePoet

After our second conversation, there’s been a consistent thread in our relationship. Spending quality time together daily. We discovered how comfortable we became in each other’s company. The eagerness and excitement were genuinely palpable.

The romance began to blossom quietly, picking up the pace at an astounding rate. It was majestic! I couldn’t wait to interact with Jonna, feeling utterly out of sync until we connected. It was enthralling, tensed reflexes sometimes, and the usual, not wanting to appear puerile or say something stupid.

Her best photographs came running, full of smiles, proud to meet me. I was extremely impressed. Wanted to share with the world, they probably couldn’t give a hoot. Yet I remained optimistic. I had fallen in love.


Published on March 02, 2018

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