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Every person born is given a spirit, body, and soul. The spirit’s eternal, it cannot die. The body is a temporary temple, we can be known, we can identify others, and we can connect. The soul is who we are, who we’ll always be.

Though the spirit’s eternal, the mortal shell experiences a very short journey. We’re not at home on the Earth, or in the body, simply going around in circles. Occasionally, the person inside becomes weary and thinks about quitting, oh yeah. For many of us, the desire to bet on tomorrow being better is enough to keep us going. Believe it! We should keep going.

Loving another gives incredible powers, a transformation to exceed what we imagine our limitations to be. Please, fall in love, submit to romance, living, doing ordinary, and extraordinary things with your loved one. Absolutely nothing else is as precious.


Published on December 16, 2017

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