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Meet The Family.

Meet the family
As they welcomed me
Wide open arms
Honest, sincere charms.
The roving photographer
Arrived, he fell ill accidentally.
Hilarious Elmer
His jokes – I often remember
Two brothers, one sister
Janine is our beautiful daughter.
Papa and Mama
We all sat down to dinner
It was a grand affair
Entertainment – the Tagon’s way.
I adore my in-laws
Some might say it’s because…
Because I’m married to Jonna
I adore them for their spirited personalities.
Elmer, do you remember the “Umbrella?”
Also, what you said going down the escalator?
I remember my friend
It was after your birthdays’ weekend.
We dined at the restaurant of Max
Ate, relaxed,
Included is a photograph
It binds our future from the past.


Published on March 08, 2018

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