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Love Is Possible.

When we let go
Love is possible
It becomes a rolling echo
Overwhelming: unstoppable.
Love is more than a thread
Going through – “eye of the needle”
Much more than our daily bread
And life is sustainable.
There’s a special gene in our DNA
Dormant, fast asleep
But, when it’s given a breath of air
Wings catapult it from the deep.
Superlatives are immature
Eagerness, burdensome
Compelling sincerity is pure
Flowing love – it’s handsome.
When sex becomes the “endgame”
Love has palpable woes
The candle loses its’ flame
And love remains comatose.
Love is dying for romance
But there’s hope
Where possible – give it a chance
Pass along this envelope.

Published on March 11, 2018

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