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Couch? What Couch?

Yesterday I woke up, stretched, took a pee
Thought about going back to bed
Washed, gargled, things done routinely
But, today I had other thoughts in my head.
Can’t remember the last day I jogged
Walked at a brisk pace for any distance
Any such motivation, seriously waterlogged
Up went the hand of resistance.
Then along came you
Full of life and energetic
In comparison, I was the statue
Few wanted to mimic.
You sang to me
Danced, wiggled your daring hips
More you did - surreptitiously
Constantly I yearned to kiss your lips.
Baby, this boy’s inspired!
I tip my hat
My years of inactivity are retired
Yippee! The world’s no longer flat.

Published on April 08, 2018

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